• Ratio (up to 50000 : 1)

  • Current ratio error and phase error for all measurement points defined in selected standard

  • Winding resistance

  • Excitation/saturation voltage current

  • Secondary burden

  • Saturated inductance (Ls)

  • Unsaturated inductance (Lm)

  • Remanence flux factor (Kr)

  • Secondary time constant (Ts)

  • Accuracy limiting factor (ALF / ALFi)

  • Instrument security factor (FS / FSi)

  • Dimensioning factor according to class PX, TPS (Kx)

  • Accuracy limiting voltage/current according to class PX (Ek / Ie)

  • Turns ratio according to class PX (N)

  • Turns ratio and composite error (εt ,εc)

  • Rated symmetrical short-circuit current factor (Kssc)

  • Transient dimensioning factor (Ktd)

  • Peak instantaneous error (ε^)

  • Maximum emf voltage (Emax - calculated value)

  • Accuracy limiting voltage/current (Val/Ial)

  • Knee-point voltage/current (Vkn / Ikn)

  • The impedance / admittance of CT secondary Load, Like the burdens of various meters, relays, selector switches etc. are measured

  • Data Handling and Reporting

  • Determination of unknown CT data, Older CTs can be classified and put into service without contacting the manufacturer

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