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Energy management systems is the integrated management and control information systems of related energy consumption data real-time acquisition and energy management real-time monitoring and analysis., which can carry out the flattening and digital management on energy conversion, transmission and distribution, use and recovery aspects by adopting the model of automation and information technology and centralized management;

It can also make the statistics, comparison and trend multi-dimensional analysis of Energy consumption data according to time, energy classification and items on the energy use unit.It can manage the energy plan, quotas, benchmarking on focusing equipment, production process, departments, functional areas and others. Help users to find the energy problems and guide the energy management institution, and ultimately achieve continuous improvement of energy efficiency.

1. Measurement

● EngyBrick Modules use for Power data collection

● Data acquisition and processing of PC and the mobile

 device as power control system


2. Connection

● Using EngyBus internal high-speed bus between

Engybrick module and inside cabinet.

● Use network access inside the building to access the


● Kingnen service dept. not only can provide online service via internet, but also can detect the energy

management inside the building  and also provide service or technical support at any time and any place.


3. Data processing and storage

● Online real-time monitoring and control

● Display important information and alarm in the electricity grid.

● Be able to access the data on the computer through common browser

● Display the data in graphics or files

● Collect datas automatically via open, extendible and secure energy management and information system.

● Under the assistance of Kingnen Team, data can transform into operable information, so that customers enable to know the electricity consumption situation in their facilities.

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