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Release time:2017-02-08

It was last December in 2016 that three sets of three phase relay test sets (model: 308C+) was returned to KINGSINE factory for hardware maintenance and annual calibration.­


The three 308C+ devices under repair belong to our integrator client "VECOM" who purchased them in March,2000. And as a matter of fact,308C+ relay test set was the first generation of multifunctional relay test set by KINGSINE in 1999 which innovatively adopts the user-friendly local panel operation and receive great popularity in China market at then.

Alike VECOM, nowadays many domestic users still trust the quality of 308C+ relay test sets and put their 308C+ into use in their project test although most of them have been working for over sixteen years.

Therefore, it can prove that the quality of Kingsine products are reliable and durable. Kingsine will continue to try their best to manufacture much more better and higher quality products and create much greater value for our clients.


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