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KF932 IEC61850 Relay Tester is developped based on the intelligent substation related standards to analyze the SV, GOOSE, B code and IEEE1588 message, calculate the magnitude, phase and frequency of voltage and current, and real-time monitor of GOOSE virtual terminal.

Receiving closed-loop testing of smart devices via SV, GOOSE message sending, subscription and publication of GOOSE messages; Phase detection function is achieved by analyzing and calculating different control blocks; The use of binary input and output of the hard contact can be completed on the intelligent operation box transmission delay and SOE on the accuracy of the measurement; SV and GOOSE exception statistics analysis and synchronization function to achieve the integration of the unit discrete, lost frame and absolute delay measurement.

With small size, touch the performance of the operation of the convenience and powerful measurement and analysis and testing capabilities, KF932 Handheld Digital Relay Test Set is greatly to meet the intelligent substation operation, maintenance and debugging of the protection, monitoring and control devices, intelligent terminals, the merger unit and the station control system Detection and commissioning requirements.

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