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§  With the function of test MU accuracy,time characteristcs,state mark,packet loss rate,harmonic analysis,signal analysis, voltage and current phase detection, transient characteristic verification. Can test all aspects of MU functions and performance.

§  Except MU test and traditional protection relay by analog input, KF920 also can test IED in intelligent substation which comply with IEC61850 standard.

§  7 phase voltage and 6 phase current output, Maximum voltage is 310V/phase. Maximum current is 32A/phase(Max 192A in parallel six phase), 13 channel low-level signal output.

§  Analog signal sampling use industrial-grade high-precision ADC, output accuracy can reach 0.05%. Absolute delay, time jitter test accuracy is better than 1μS.

§  Perfect self-test and prompt. The system is stable ,device performance will not be changed by long time running; The system can detect abnormal situation and give warning.

§  12.1 inch touch sreeen, Built-in windows operating system. Compact structure, safe and easy to portable

§  Can be used as a record and waveform analyzer.

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