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About Us

Who am I ?
Since its establishment in 1999, Kingsine Electric Automation Co., Ltd. has focused on researching and developing, producing, and selling Protection Relay Test Sets, CT Analyzers, Reference Power Sources and Calibrators, Voltage and Current Amplifiers, Electricity Monitoring Systems, and Instrumentation. To date, Kingsine's products have been recognized by customers in more than 90 countries worldwide. We regularly participate in large-scale power and energy exhibitions worldwide, including in the United States of America, Italy, France, Poland, Australia, Dubai, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, and other countries, and have received widespread acclaim.Our protection relay testing equipment is compatible with world-renowned relay protection devices such as ABB, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, MITSUBISHI, Schneider, AREVA, SEL, GE, and others. Kingsine Electric has also established a distribution network with partners in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and other countries to provide comprehensive services.

KINGSINE Is A Core Supplier To China's State Grid
The facts demonstrate that China's annual power generation has remained the world's number one, with a projected power generation of 840 billion kilowatt hours in 2022, compared to the United States of America‘s projected 430 billion kilowatt hours in the same year. China has built the world's most advanced power transmission system for DC current at 1100KV ultra-high voltage levels and more than 11,000 digitized substations based on the IEC61850 standard. China's power grid has the largest, most advanced, safest and most stable power system in the world. KINGSINE is honored to be the core supplier for State Grid Corporation of China.

Where did I come from?
Kingsine Electric is located in Shenzhen, the "Innovation Capital of China". We have also established subsidiaries in Canada and Hong Kong. Shenzhen is a benchmark city for the development of China's high-tech industry and is home to leading Chinese companies in various industries. Many of China's top companies, including Huawei, the world's largest communication company; DJI, the world's largest commercial drone company; BYD, the world's largest electric vehicle company (which sold 1.86 million electric vehicles globally in 2022, surpassing Tesla's sales of 1.37 million); and Tencent, one of China's leading internet companies, are based in Shenzhen. Excellent enterprises can influence each other, and as the world's factory, Shenzhen has a highly advanced and comprehensive industrial chain, which provides a reliable guarantee for Kingsine Electric to develop, produce, and manufacture high-tech, high-quality, and reliable products.

Where am I going?
Adhering to the belief of novelty in technology and detail in service, and gradually establishing a global service and sales network with worldwide partners and distributors, Kingsine shall spare no effort to serve customers worldwide with innovative technology, reliable products, and quality online service, making electric testing easier across the world.

Business Principles
Kingsine's business principle is to create value for customers, which is reflected in three aspects.
Firstly, Kingsine uses advanced technology to create powerful product features that offer customers a great operating experience.
Secondly, Kingsine provides high-quality products and services at reasonable prices, ensuring that customers receive high value for their investment.
Thirdly, Kingsine emphasizes reliability and after-sales service, providing quality assurance through lean production and ensuring that products have over 15 years of service life and three years of warranty. Kingsine's after-sales maintenance principle is based on cost accounting, ensuring that after-sales service remains efficient and affordable. Based on our modular product design philosophy, and with the help of efficient video diagnostics, our target for after-sales maintenance service is to complete repairs within 20 days.  


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