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Sep 06.2023
The KF86P protection relay tester and KFA300 handheld mini relay tester, uitilizing innovative technology and module design. For after-sales maintenance, only m
Sep 05.2023
The KFA300 handheld mini relay protection tester not only serves as a device for testing relay protection equipment but also functions as a high-precision three-phase standard source. Within the range of 1% to 100% of its capacity (4x300V, 4x10A), its out
Aug 14.2023
We are gald to announce that Kingsine electric monitoring meter - EngyBrick Series have successfully obtained UL certification, a significant recognition of the quality and safety of Kingsine products. UL certification is an internationally recognized pro
Aug 14.2023
Kingsine's KRT software is a unified control software for the Kingsine relay protection tester family. It features multifunctionality and user-friendly characteristics, allowing testing personnel to flexibly and reliably analyze and process test data. Thi
Jul 06.2023
We are pleased to see GEF still keep KINGSINE brand universal relay test set model K1066(released in May 2010 ) and model K3063 (released in Feb. 2017) running in good working conditions.
Jun 16.2023
KINGSINE has announced that it is now the exclusive supplier of Engybrick energy storage systems to BYD, the world's largest new energy vehicle manufacturer and the second-largest lithium-ion battery producer.
Jun 13.2023
​​​​​​​Warmly celebrate the KF89 won the bid for 22 units from the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company. It is Kingsine's independently developed the 9 phase intelligent relay tester. Not only with 9 current and 9 voltage output channels and 8x100/1
Apr 25.2023
KINGSINE ELECTRIC AUTOMATION Co., Ltd is pleased to announce KINGSINE has been successively won the bidding for INSTRUMENTATION Tender (Ref. No. CD-ZHWZ-2022-ZB06-115, package 2, three-phase relay tester) held by State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC).
Mar 20.2023
The KF86P is a multifunctional relay protection tester of only 10 kg, because of the innovative new technology, not only has a powerful current and voltage source output, but also has a powerful auxiliary DC source with load capacity .
Nov 04.2022
KINGSINE, as the top leading factory supplier for all kinds of relay test sets in China., have launched plenty of IEC61850 testing tools, including KF8 series, K31 series and KF9 series.