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IEC61850 Relay Testing Training Course with K3163i Relay Test Set

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Update time : 2022-08-09 10:40:27
In the middle of July, KINGSINE’s sole agent SUN LTD. In Thailand came to their client’s laboratory to offer technical training on how to use MODEL K3163i to test IEC61850 relays.

There are three units of IEC61850 relays to be tested in the laboratory, i.e. PCS221 Merge Unit, PCS78S Transformer relay, PCS9611S Feeder Relay. 

The K3163i is capable of testing all generations of relays, from old mechanical relays to complex microprocessor relays and IEC61850 relays. And its software is available for 3 optional function expansions like IEC61850 solution/Transducer Calibration/Energy Meter Test.