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KFA300 Mini Handheld protection relay tester

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Update time : 2022-09-01 12:16:00
The KFA300 protection relay test set (3×10A,3×265V) is a portable relay protection tester independently developed by KINGSINE Electric Automation Co., Ltd. Mainly used for on-site maintenance and testing of protection relays, meeting the routine function tests of protection relays. KFA300 inbuilts battery and ac adaptor dual-mode power supply, and is small in size and light in weight, which fully meets the needs of on-site portable testing; the relay test set's terminals like voltage output, current output, binary input and binary output can be used to perform some performance tests on the protection relays
With 7.0-inch LED touch screen, full touch operation, mobile phone operating habits, display translucent processing, non-reflective contrast, clear display for outdoor use. The interior is minimalist design, with three modules fitted together. Integrated assembly provide a strong guarantee for product quality and after-sales services

                                                                                             W x D x H: 252mm×95mm×185 mm

                                                                                         3.5KG, Ipad size

KFA300 Demonstration Link: https://youtu.be/FSqOrjGEVcY
KFA300 Product Link: en.kingsine.com.cn/kfa300-mini-handheld-protection-relay-tester-p00134p1.html