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KINGSINE attended the conference held by China Southern Power Grid

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Update time : 2021-09-26 09:48:30
On September 14, 2021, KINGSINE Electric Automation company participated in the 2021 Guangdong Power Plant Relay Protection and Automation Professional Technical Supervision conference held in Dongguan Treasure Island Hotel (Guangdong province), which was hosted by China Southern Power Grid(Chinese central State-owned enterprises). As a leading supplier of electric power testing equipment in China, our company dispatched four professionals to attend, including our chief service engineer Eng.Terry Gao, Eng.Zhang, Manager Li and Director Han. They brought our company products KF86, KFA300,KT210, KS907, in order to onsite display.

Participants were directors of various power plants in Guangdong province, and the topics of the meeting mainly focused on the work summary of relay protection technology supervision in 2020. During the communication and discussion of the meeting, a total of 7 relay protection testers companies recommended their products, and we introduced the relevant qualifications and honors of our company and product certification to the participants. Also introduced our company's portable KF86 relay protection comprehensive tester and the latest development of hand-held mini KFA300 relay tester and other independent research and development of the production of power tester.

We will continue to provide professional relay protection testing services for domestic and foreign customers.

Pictures of the conference are as follows: