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KINGSINE Launched 3kgs Mini Protection Relay Tester,more Compact Designed Than Ever Before

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Update time : 2021-11-08 15:21:25
KINGSINE today introduced KFA300 Protection relay test set, the next-level lightweight relay tester.

With new design inside and out, KFA300 is made the size of B5 paper with 7.0-inch touch screen,built-in battery(optional) and only net weight of 3kgs.
(B5 Paper size: 176mm x 250mm=6.93” x 9.84”)

It's small,light and powerful to be the perfect solution with excellent transportability for on-site maintenance and testing of non-electric environment, protection relay testing, secondary circuit inspection and secondary voltage&current testing.

The KFA300 is now available in the configuration:
·KFA300 with 6 Channels(3x300V,3x10A) outputs

Welcome to check more details on its product page:

Discover more info about KINGSINE at: www.kingsine.com.cn