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KINGSINE Technology Project Won the Bidding

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Update time : 2022-06-17 17:45:24

It’s a great pleasure to announce that Kingsine Electric Automation Co. Ltd a new technology project won the bidding in this competitive negotiation authorized procurement (authorized project of Jinchang power supply company, Ref. No.: 27BZ03-JC-9003001) of Gansu Electric Power Company, Zhangye power supply company of State Grid on 27th, May, 2022. 
This technology project design objective is to provide a three-way current and three-way voltage output with function of verified protection. As the research and development intelligent tester in this transformer and its primary and secondary circuit through-flow pressurization, the main technical difficulties and problems to be solved are the research on portable test terminal based on handheld, primary fusion equipment based on the same communication protocol, and the control software based on automatic current injecting test.
The primary fusion equipment developed in this method can obtain the secondary voltage and current signals from the handheld terminal and amplify them based on the obtained voltage and current signals according to the transformation ratio, and convert the output large current to meet the large current output demand of the primary current through test. In the conventional current injecting test, the output value is usually adjusted manually, but this study develops a set of control software based on automatic test.
Kingsine has been committed to developing easy-to-use software and database, for central planning and management of all protection functions. We aim to inspire our customers with exceptional products, an active exchange of knowledge and extraordinary client support and we are striving towards a safe and reliable products supply together for a shared future