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Pre-sales Demonstration of KF86 and KT210 in Jiangxi Province

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Update time : 2021-06-07 10:20:02
Pre-sales Demonstration of KF86 and KT210 in Jiangxi Province
In May of 2021, KINGSINE received an invitation from Maintenance Branch of Shangrao, Jiangxi Power Supply Companies which do maintenance tasks. After listening and understanding the client’s requirements, our company immediately sent technical service engineers to come to do on-site inspection with New Universal Relay Test Set KF86(Digital-Analog All-in One Protection Relay Tester) and KT210 CT/PT Analyzer. The whole process was very smoothly and two devices were handled the situation very well so they decided to place an order for both KF86 and KT210.
KF86 Digital-Analog All-in One Protection Relay Tester(Weight:<10kg, 6x30A, 6x130V, IEC61850 complied, with built-in 9.7 inch Touch Screen)is a portable relay protection tester developed by KINGSINE. The reason why KF86 is so popular at home and abroad, not only about its small compact size in hardware design(Size:390mm×256mm×140mm), but also this KF86 is now applied with our unique technology to greatly improve its current output and its power burden. It has 8 fiber ports for IEC61850 testing, and has 6 voltages (6*310V) and 6 currents (6 *20A) Analog output. We have basic software function as Test center, XRIO import, relay template library, one key test function. We add special function for merging unit testing, like MU delay time testing, Timing test, Voltage parallel test etc. Universal Relay Test Set KF86 as it had well shown its advantage of easy-operation and powerful functions in practice.
KT210 CT/PT Analyzer is the most complete testing system for protection and metering CTs according to IEEE and IEC standards. It allows all types of single and multi-ratio current transformers to be tested on-site in power system grids. Manufacturer of CTs transformers or GIS use the KT210 in their production facilities and test development lab as you can see in below pictures.
KINGSINE Electric Automation Co., Ltd sincerely hope to provide our professional services to customers at all times. Now is this, future is the same.