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State Grid XJ Group Corporation 3-set KF86 inspection and training

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Update time : 2021-12-11 17:56:28
KINGSINE had been made long-term cooperation with State Grid XJ Group Corporation since years ago, and has many large bidding supplies before.
XJ Group Corporation is a national large-scale class 1 enterprise which specializes in the production of relay protection, control and complete set of automation device as well as other products, such as all type of static and induction watt-hour meters and relays, garage door, power transformers, etc. The corporation covers an area of 440 thousand square meters and total assets amount to 1.5 billion RMB. It boasts more than 4000 staff members and workers, including engineering and technical personnel of 1800 or so (about 300 doctors, masters and personnel with senior technical titles; about 600 with middle technical titles) and 8 state-level experts with outstanding contributions.

Since last 3-set KINSINE New KF86 Intelligent Relay Tester supply, KINGSINE send  technical support engineer Mr. Chen Yongbo last week to State Grid XJ Group Corporation for equipment precision calibration at their measurement Center ( Intermediate Testing Dept. ).

Even State Grid XJ Group Corporation are more stringent on the relay tester requirements, 3-set KF86 Intelligent Relay Tester are of course successfully passed through their own metering center testing and inspection, then get to the their production line usage.
At the same travel, KINGSINE technical support engineer Mr. Chen Yongbo also made detail training their relative operators at XJ Smart Grid Industrial Park for KF86 full functions operation.

KF86 Intelligent Relay Tester is All-in-One design relay testing solution to IEC61850 based smart for both Substation & traditional substation WITH 9.7 INCH TOUCH TYPE LCD SCREEN
Light weight: 10kg, very small size (390mm*256mm*140mm) easy carry on flight journey.
6x20A, 6x300V analog output channels.
Compact 6-phase relay test set with high accuracy & full solution (complying IEC61850 sampled value and GOOSE), fully meet all the requirements for detection and debugging of IEC61850 IEDs, Merge Units, station control systems and traditional protection relays.

Its IEC61850 functions: Fully complying IEC61850 Sampling value and GOOSE; (IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2/(LE), IEC60044-7/8), which is able to simultaneously output sampling value and analog signals, or subscriber and publish GOOSE message and relay contact binary I/O function. With Up to 36 sampling value channels can be mapped.