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The World’s Lightest & High Power Portable Universal Relay Tester Is Born

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Update time : 2022-07-19 15:48:04
After 3 years’ release of KINGSINE brand KF86P, the upgraded, higher power version of KF86P has finally arrived. Imagine a 10kg tester that capable of producing voltage up to 310V, current output up to 35A, now it has become reality. Its easily the worlds smallest and high power relay tester ever.

Despite its small size(390mm*256mm*140mm) and lightness, its still a very powerful protective relay tester that capable of fitting nearly all the needs of protective relay tests. And due to its lightness,compare to other major test instruments, its more suitable for carrying around and doing field tests.
While doing field tests,the convenience of constructing tests is vital, therefore the user-friendly KRT software has its way to help with it. It supports import of XRIO/RIO files, to help setting up tests easily. 120+ and ever-expanding test templates for all major brands of protective relay.

Whats more, the KF86P is an universal tester that can not only applied to traditional relays, but also IEDs & smart grids that complied with IEC61850 SV&Goose. It capable of energy meter & transducer calibration as well.
The last version of KF86P had already appeared in many state grid level projects, with its power upgraded, what to expect is, it will play a more import role in the near future.