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EngyBrick Distributed Intelligent Power Monitoring Module

EngyBrick system solution
Description specification
EngyBrick System is about smart power distribution modules solution, which are dedicated to assisting clients improving their working efficiency and greatly reducing their asset purchase budget and installation cost, providing users the best convenient  installation mode and the best time-saving commissioning mode.   The system consist of communication signal acquisition&voltage monitoring, current monitoring two parts. The system adopt independent bus power supply mode, RJ45 port connecting with each component modules.  Its commissioning adopts one-key mode for address configuration in the field.  it also can configure the parameters and the module working mode via the display screen.
Communication& voltage moitoring  
Module EBUC10
Measurement U12U23U31 V1V2V3f
THD v1THD v2THD v3
voltage harmonic
Power supply Independent bus power supply
Module type EBUC10 module
Current monitoring
Module Module+CT
Measurement I1I2I3PQSPFf
Power supply Independent bus power supply
Module type EBI12 module
Current transformer 5A50A200A400A600A800A1000A……
Advantages of Engybrick System
It can realize full power monitoring on electric distribution circuit and 2-31 harmonic monitoring
EBT12 are split-core type current transformers in design , which can realize online installation without power off, and energy accuracy is of 0.5%.
The module is of small size so that the monitoring point is installed nearby.
Din-rail  amount design, easy installation and shortened construction period
Suitable for multi-point central monitoring deployment
Hareware Configuration List Equivalent of one 3 Phase Power Meter
Item No. Module Name Model Unit Quantity Remark
1 Communication& Voltage Module EBUC10 piece 1  
2 Power Supply Module EBP10 piece 1  
3 Current Module EBI12 piece 1  
4 current transformer modules EBT12 piece 3 Triple times the number of current modules
Note: When it requires increase the monitoring power meter, then user only need to increase the current module and current transformer module. That one EBUC10 and one EBP10 can maximum master 32 pieces of EBI12 which equivalent to 32 pcs of three-phase power meter.
EBUC10 Communication&voltage module
Item No. Name Description
1 communication port software upgrade
2 Power supply indicator working status display
3 communication indicator communication status display
4 Alarm indicator System alarm
5 WiFi  indicator WiFi status display
6 Button Continuously press for 3 secs to auto configure the address
Working surroudings
1 Working temp.-25℃ ~ +70℃
2 Storage temp.-40℃ ~ +85℃
3 Humidity5% ~ 95%RHNo condense
4 Devices should be installed in suitable electrc isolated and fireproof boxes