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KF85 Universal Relay Test Set

Item No.: 203033
Light weight: 10kg, very small size easy carry on flight journey.
6x20A, 6x300V analog output channels.
Compact 6-phase relay test set with high accuracy & full solution (complying IEC61850 sampled value and GOOSE), fully meet all the requirements for detection and debugging of IEC61850 IEDs, Merge Units, station control systems and traditional protection relays.
Description Specification Advance Ordering Instruction
With analog (6x300V voltage, 6x20A current) and IEC61850 SMV messages simultaneously output.
Provide 8 pairs of LC optical ports, can transmission and receive 36 channels of IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2 frame format sample values; with optical power test function.
Provide 6 ST output optical ports and 2 ST receive optical ports, which can output 6 sets of sampled value messages conforming to IEC60044-7/8 (FT3) format; can receive 2 sets of FT3 format of IEC60044-7/8 specification Sampled value message;
Can subscribe/publish GOOSE information or output, receive switching, and realize closed-loop testing of protection;
Start up to simulate the IED to actively release GOOSE, sampled value signals, to eliminate the reset process of the device under test caused by link interruption after the test is stopped;
The optical port output is sampled or GOOSE can be freely defined; multiple different GOOSE control block information can be subscribed/published;
Sample value channel function, the number of channels can be set freely, up to 36 channels can be configured;
Automatically import SCL (SCD, ICD, CID, NPI) files to realize automatic configuration of sampled values and GOOSE information, and save sample values and GOOSE configuration information as a configuration file for testing.
It can automatically detect optical digital signals from MU, protection device and intelligent operation box, and realize automatic configuration function of sampling value and GOOSE information;
Can simulate abnormal conditions(loss, misorder, quality abnormality, message re-transmission, data anomaly, out of step, etc.);
The channel quality of the output SV message can be set, and the simulation unit can be simulated and debug, set to invalid, set to run state, and can simulate double AD inconsistency and other tests.
Built-in GPS/Beidou timing module with GPS, IRIG-B code synchronization time function;
Full-featured software test module, AC, status sequence, recloser test, distance protection, overcurrent protection, inverse time overcurrent, zero sequence protection, ramping test, power direction, differential test, frequency test, synchronize test software modules
With the unit test function, you can test the unit's precision, time accuracy, punctuality accuracy, and data transmission and testing functions.
Support the graphical display of SCD files, the instrument can graphically display the IED device interconnection relationship and virtual terminal connection.
With the IRIG-B code transmission function, when the external GPS is used, it can be used as a timing device.
AC current source
Amplitude & Power 6×20A @ 85VA max each;
3×40A @ 170VA max each;
Accuracy ±1mA @ <0.5A
<0.02%Rd+0.01Rg Typ. @ 0.5A~20A
<0.05%Rd+0.02Rg Guar. @ 0.5A~20A
Range Range I: 3A
Range II: 20A
Automatic Range
DC Offset <3mA Typ./ <10mA Guar
Resolution 1mA
Distortion <0.025%Typ. / <0.07% Guar.
Ascends/Descent response <100us
DC Current source
Amplitude & Power 6×10A @ 50W max
Accuracy ±5mA @ <1A
±0.2% @ ≥1A
Ascends/Descent response <100us
AC voltage source
Amplitude & Power 300V @65VA max each
Accuracy ±2mV @ <2V
<0.015%Rd+0.005Rg Typ. @ 2~300V
<0.04%Rd+0.01Rg Guar. @ 2~300V
Range Range I: 30V
Range II: 300V
Automatic Range
DC Offset <10mV Typ./ <60mV Guar
Resolution 1mV
Distortion <0.015%Typ. / <0.05% Guar.
Ascends/Descent response <100us
DC Voltage source
Amplitude & Power 6×150V @ 75W max
1×300V @ 85W max
Accuracy ±10mV @ <5V
±0.2% @ ≥5V
Ascends/Descent response <100us
Frequency & Phase Angle
Frequency Range DC ~ 1000Hz, 3000Hz transient
Frequency Accuracy ±0.5ppm
Frequency Resolution 0.001Hz
Phase Range -360°~360°
Phase Accuracy <0.02° Typ. / <0.1° Guar. 50/60Hz
Phase Resolution 0.001°
Binary input
Electrical isolation 8 pairs of electrical isolated each
Input impedance 5 kΩ…13kΩEmpty contact
Input feature 0 V300Vdc Or dry contact
(Binary input turn over potential can be programmable)
Sampling Rate 10kHz
Time resolution 10us
Time measurement range 0100000s
Time accuracy ±1ms @ <1s      
±0.1% @ ≥1s
Debounce time 0~25ms (Software controlled)
Binary Output
Quantity 4 pairs, Fast speed
Type Banana type 4.0mm
AC break capacity Vmax250VAC/ Imax0.5A
DC break capacity Vmax250VDC/ Imax0.5A
Electrical isolation All pairs isolated
Synchronize port
Satellite synchronization 1 × SMAUse for GPS antenna interface
Support GPS and Beidou Satellite
Fiber IRIG-B 2 × ST1 for transmission, 1 for receiving
Electric IRIG-B 1 × 6Pin 5.08mm phoenix terminal
1 for transmission, 1 for receiving
External trigger synchronization 1 × 4Pin 5.08mm phoenix terminal
external trigger input + external trigger output
Communication interface
Ethernet 1 × RJ45 10/100M
WIFI Inbuilt WIFI DHCP service
USB 2 × USB2
Weight & Size
Size 390mm×256mm×140mm
Weight 10kg
Keypad Number key + direction key
Power supply
Nominal voltage 220V/110V (AC)
Allowable voltage 85V265V (AC);127V350V(DC)
Nominal Frequency 50Hz
Allowable Frequency 4763Hz
Current 10A max
Power Consumption 1200VA max
Connection Type Standard AC socket 60320
Working environment
Operating temperature -10+55 ℃
Relative humidity 595%Non-condensation
Storage temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃
Atmospheric pressure 80kPa110 kPaaltitude 2000m or lower
(Optional modules)
IEC61850 functions:
Fully complying IEC61850 Sampling value and GOOSE; (IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2/(LE), IEC60044-7/8)
Able to simultaneously output sampling value and analog signals, or subscriber and publish GOOSE message and relay contact binary I/O function.
Up to 36 sampling value channels can be mapped.
Fiber port  (LC type)
Type 100Base-FX (100Mbit,Fiber, full duplex)
Port Number 8 Pairs
Cable model 62.5/125μm(Multiple-mode fiber, orange)
Wave length 1310nm
Transmission distance > 1Km
Status indication SPD Green (lights): active connection
Link\AcT Yellow (blinking): data exchange
Fiber serial port (ST type)
Standard IEC60044-7/8
Port Number 6 for transmission, 2 for receive
Wave length 850nm
Model Current Outputs Voltage Outputs Optional
KF85(6U6I) 6×20A @ 85VA max
3×40A @ 170VA max
6×300V @ 65VA max
 IEC61850 SV
● IEC61850 GOOSE
KF85(4U6I) 6×20A @ 85VA max 4×300V @ 65VA max
KF85(4U3I) 3×20A @ 85VA max 4×300V @ 65VA max