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KF920 Intelligent Relay Test Set

Item No.: 203005
Complying sampled value and GOOSE for IEC61850 IEDs, Merger Unit etc.
High-precision analog amplifier, 6 × 32A and 7 × 130V AC sources.
10.4” touch screen and keyboard operating.
Description Specifications Advance Feature
Basic Functions
With the function of test MU accuracy,time characteristics,state mark,packet loss rate,harmonic analysis,signal analysis, voltage and current phase detection, transient characteristic verification. Can test all aspects of MU functions and performance.
Except MU test and traditional protection relay by analog input, KF920 also can test IED in intelligent substation which comply with IEC61850 standard.
7 phase voltage and 6 phase current output, Maximum voltage is 130V/phase. Maximum current is 32A/phase(Max 192A in parallel six phase), 13 channel low-level signal output.
Analog signal sampling use industrial-grade high-precision ADC, output accuracy can reach 0.05%. Absolute delay, time jitters test accuracy is better than 1μS.
Perfect self-test and prompt. The system is stable ,device performance will not be changed by long time running; The system can detect abnormal situation and give warning.
12.1 inch touch screen, Built-in windows operating system. Compact structure, safe and easy to portable
Can be used as a record and waveform analyzer.
Current Channels
Range 6×32A/phase
Accuracy ≤±0.05%(0.2A ~ 32A);
≤±0.1mA(0.05A ~ 0.2A)
Resolution 1mA
Power 450VA/phase
Rise And Fall Time <100uS
Frequency range ~ 1000Hz
Amp-frequency characteristics ≤±0.2% (10Hz ~ 45Hz), (65Hz ~ 450Hz);
≤±0.05% (45Hz ~ 65Hz);
≤±0.5% (450Hz ~ 1000Hz)
Current output time <5A/phase, continuous output;
5 ~ 32A/phase, >180s
Voltage Channels
Output Range 130V/phase
Accuracy ≤±0.05%(2V ~ 130V);
≤±0.2mV(0.5V ~ 2V)
Resolution 1 mV(0.2V ~ 10V),
10 mV(10V ~ 310V)
Power ≥60VA/phase
Rise and fall time <100uS
Frequency 1 ~ 1000Hz
Amp-frequency characteristics ≤±0.2% (10Hz ~ 45Hz)(65Hz ~ 450Hz);
≤±0.05% (45Hz ~ 65Hz);
≤±0.5% (450Hz ~ 1000Hz)
Voltage amplifier output time Nominal voltage condition, output continuous
Synchronization time of Current and voltage output ≤10µs
Frequency and Phase angle
Frequency range 1 ~ 1000Hz
Frequency accuracy <0.5mHz (1Hz ~ 65Hz)
<5mHz(65Hz ~ 450Hz)
<10mHz(450 Hz ~ 1000Hz)
Frequency resolution 0.001Hz
Harmonic Harmonic and DC can be superimposed 2 to 25 times amplitude (less than the rated value)
Phase range 0 ~ 359. 9°
Phase accuracy ±0.05°
Phase resolution 0.01°
Low level Outputs
Output channels 13 channels
Output range AC:0 ~ 8Vrms(Effective   value)
Maximum current ≥1mA
Output accuracy <0.1mV(0.1 ~ 0.2Vrms)
<0.05%(0.2 ~ 8 Vrms)
Amp-frequency characteristics ≤±0.1% ~ 0.5% (1Hz ~ 1kHz)
Resolution ≤250µV
SV output voltage IEC61850-9-1, IEC60044; Rated voltage parameter 11585(0X2D41);
IEC61850-9-2  Digital 1 is 10mV
SV output current IEC61850-9-1, IEC 60044 Rated protection current463(0X 1CF), Rated measurement current 11585(0X2D41);
IEC61850-9-2 Digital 1 is 1mA
Synchronization signal IRIG-B sending ports ≥ 2pcs;
IRIG-B receiving ports ≥ 1pc;
PPS receiving ports ≥ 1pc;
GPS Port : 1pc;
Synchronization accuracy>0.5us
Test system accuracy 0.03%;resolution0.0001%, 0.01´
Test verification Class 0.2S
Electronic transformer and MU delay test <2us
MU delay jitters test <2us
MU transient delay accuracy <10us
GOOSE receiving time <0.1ms
Binary I/O receiving time <0.1ms
Power supply 100V ~ 260V (AC),
DC 125-350V  
Frequency Range43 ~ 57Hz
Operating temperature -10 ~ +50℃
Humidity 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing
Storage and transport temperature -20 ~ +70℃
Altitude ≤4000m
Dimension 358mm×149mm×297mm
Weight <21kg
Built-in high-precision analog amplifier, Which can provide 6 × 32A AC current source and 7 × 130V AC voltage source.
Built-in 100M fiber Ethernet port(2 Pairs,LC Type) and IRIG-B Port(In/Out).
Provide merger unit accuracy test function (Amplitude error, Phase error, etc.).
Simulate Binary I/O signal (Haact or GOOSE), Which comply with merger unit voltage switching, voltage parallel logic function test.
Can test Merger Unit time characteristics ,such as time sending accuracy,time receiving accuracy.
Have Message analysis and statistics function which can real-time analyze merger unit output SMV, GOOSE message. Have Protocol consistence test and abnormal message check and statistics function.
Can test Merger Unit self-check and error handling mechanism through sampling quality,signal mark in GOOSE , warning information define in Goose signal.
Real-time display waveformbinary state and previous switch trip time in message electrical parameter. Mark time scale in SV message through hardware to count and evaluate time dispersion of merger unit SV message.
Record message data in 1 minute, analyze/compare time scale and amplitude data of each sampling point, display amplitude and time scale statistical results of error distribution curve and Max error.