KFA300 Mini Handheld Protection Relay Tester

Item No.: 203081
Ipad size,built-in battery design,for on-site maintenance and testing of non-electric environment ,protection relay testing, secondary circuit inspect and secondary voltage and current testing.
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Product Feature
  • SizeIpad size, aluminum alloy case,Very small and light.
  • Weight3.5kg ,Elegant and light, easy to carry and use.
  • Operational performance: high-performance FPGA,32-bit ARM microprocessor 1000MHz,
    smooth operation, 7.0-inch LED capacitive touch screen, full touch operation, mobile phone operation habits, display light transmission, non-reflective contrast, clear display for outdoor
  • Equipment self-protection function: voltage output short-circuit, current output open-circuit, temperature overheat protection.

Technical Parameters
  Voltage Outputs
      22.5 VA max each@265V
      21 VA max each@200V
   Output Range & Power  3×265 V ac (L-N) 12.5 VA max each@100V
      7 VA max each@63.5V
      6.65 VA max each@57.7V
      1.1 VA max each@10V
  Accuracy 0~1V:±2mV
1~VMax:±0.02%Rd+0.03Rg Guar
  Resolution 0.001V
  Distortion <0.05%Typ. / <0.1% Guar.
Current Outputs
Output Range & Power 3×10A ac (L-N) 27 VA max each@10A
    25.5 VA max each@9A
    24 VA max@8A
    17 VA max each@5A
    3.88VAmax each@1A
Accuracy   0~0.2A:±2mA
0.2~IMax ±0.02%Rd+0.03Rg Guar.
Resolution 0.001A
Frequency & Phase Angle
Frequency Range DC,10~1000Hz,3000Hz transient
Frequency Accuracy ±5ppm
Frequency Resolution 0.001 Hz
Phase Range 0°~360°
Phase Accuracy <0.1° Typ. / <0.2° Guar. 50/60Hz
Phase Resolution 0.001°
Aux. DC Voltage Source (Battery simulator)
Range 24V0.9A)、48V0.6ASwitchable
110V or 220V output/Option);
Other type can be customized
Accuracy 5%Rg Guar.
Binary Input
Quantity 2pairs
Voltage range dry contact, input voltage DC 0~300V
Fast Binary Output
Quantity 2pairs
Circuit Breaker Simulate  Can be define as Open or Close status
Contact performance Open the dry contact output using opto-coupler relay, the on-resistance is ≤6Ω, and the shut-off withstand voltage is ≤DC350V
SOE test function the time error between the two outputs is ≤0.2ms, and the SOE resolution test can be performed
USB2.0  1 USB socket, used for  software upgrade
Built-in Internal Battery
Battery capacity 90WH
Work time standby working time is not less than 8 hours
  5A current output can work for not less than 1 hour;
Charge time Fast charging, charging time is less than 1 hour
AC/DC Charger
Input 100~240Vac50/60HzMax2.5A
Output 33.6Vdc5.0A168W
Operating Temperature 0℃~45
Storage Temperature -5℃~50
Humidity <85%RH, non-condensing
Grounding Terminal 4mm banana socket
Weight Approximately 3.5kg
Dimensions(W x D x H) 252×95 ×185 (mm) 

Built-in Internal Battery

8-cell imported lithium battery, standby working time is not less than 8 hours, 5A current output can work continuously for not less than 1 hour;Fast charging, charging time is less than 1 hour.

Software Function

  1. Manual/Auto AC test function
  2. State Sequencer Test Function
  3. Overcurrent Breaker Tester Function
  4. Remote(Signal,Measurement,Control) Function
  5. Remote Signal Test function
More function are updating..


Model Option
Type Voltage Current
KFA300 265V 3×10A
KFA300 Pro 4×300V 4×10A