PMC96S 3 Phase Multifunctional Power Meter

Item No.: 20601
PMC96S meter is a multi-functional power monitoring meter, it combines function of collecting data and control, and it can replace many kind of meters, relays, transformers and others components. PMC96S can be installed in different positions of electricity distribution system.
PMC96S is designed with RS-485 communication interface, which enable itself to be integrated into a variety of power monitoring systems. Data acquisition and remote control can be easily performed through the supporting management software or other industrial configuration software.
Description specification ordering instruction
PMC96S is a true RMS-based measuring meter that can accurately measure highly nonlinear loads. Its advanced grid frequency synchronization sampling technology enables it to accurately measure a variety of power parameters, including voltage/current RMS, frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, input/output active energy, total active energy, Input/output reactive power, total reactive power, apparent power, voltage total harmonic distortion (THD), 1~31 voltage harmonics, current total harmonic distortion (THD) and 1~31 current harmonics, etc. . All measurements, min and max, and demand measurements can be viewed on the display or remotely using the software.

Overview of Meter functions

Table 1
Host function and characteristic
Transient true RMS value
Current                        Each single phase and combined phase, average value
Phase voltage/Line voltage       Each single phase and combined phase, average value
Active, reactive, apparent power   Sum of each single-phase and three-phase
Power factor                      Sum of each single-phase and three-phase
Frequency                         45~65Hz
Maximum/minimum phase voltage RMS 
Maximum/minimum total active, reactive, apparent power
Max/Min total power factor
Max/Min Frequency
Demand and peak value
Current per phase        the present value/peak value/monthly peak value
Total active power, total reactive power, total apparent power          
the present value/peak value/monthly peak value
Input/ output/ active electric energy              1 channel pulse output  
Input output active electric energy 1 channel pulse output
Input/ output/ reactive electric energy              1 channel pulse output
active electric energy 1 channel pulse output
apparent power 
monthly energy
Electric energy multi-rate
8 multi-rate time, 4 rates can be set
Power quality
THD                          current and voltage 
1-31 times harmonic analysis
Voltage crest factor CF and current K factor
Event record
100pcs SOE event record
Warning alarm system
8 warning channels with configurable limit value
4 warning channels with configurable logic 
RS-485 /MODBUS-RTU Protocol
Large screen STN liquid display 
Real time clock
Year, month, date, minute, second
Support program online upgrade
Table 2
Auxiliary module features
Analog I/O (DI) input module (optional)
2-channel Analog I/O input
Relay (DO) output module (optional)
2-channel relay output, which can be set by local over-limit alarm or by remote control
Analog input (AI)/output (AO) module (optional)
2 Channels in total
Being optional for 4-20mA DC analog input, 0-5V DC analog input, 4-20mA DC analog output
The first analog port (A1 port) is located at the same (DI) port of Binary Input, so user only can select either one of the two but can’t select both
Technical indicators
Electrical characteristics
Measure type 3P3W AC system,
3P4W AC system;
Samping rate 128 points per cycle
Data refresh rate 1S
Cureen ±0.2%FS
Voltage ±0.2%FS
Power 0.5S
Frequency ±0.001Hz
Active Energy 0.5S
Reactive Energy 1.0S
DC input(AI) 0.5% FS
DC output(AO) 0.5% FS
Input voltage
Measure Voltage 3 *220/380V(Directly input)
3 * 57.7/100V(PT secondary side)
Allowed overload
1.2times / continuous
input resistance 300KΩ/phase
Input current characteristics   Measure
5A (CT Secondary side)Or 1A (CT Secondaryside)
Allowed overload capability 1.2 times/continuous
input resistance <0.1Ω
Binary input Working
15 VDC
input resistance 12KΩ
Isolation voltage 2KV
Relay Output Node type Mechanical contact
Node capability 220 VAC/5A、30 VDC/5A
4-20mA DC
input measurement
Measure current 4-20mA
Allowed overload
1.2 times / continuous
input resistance 10Ω
0-5V DC input measurement Measure Voltage 0-5V
Allowed overload
1.2times / continuous
input resistance 12.5KΩ
Isolation voltage 2KV
4-20mA DC
Open-circuit Voltage 15VDC
Load capability ≤600Ω
Isolation voltage 2KV
Power supply AC 85~264 VAC/45-65Hz
DC 100~375 VDC
Power consumption < 3W
Mechanical performance
Weight 0.5kg
IP Protection Level Meter Panel IP52,Meter Host IP30
Dimension Host 96 X 96 X 72 mm
Host+modules 96 X 96 X 120 mm
Working temperature Display screen -20~70℃
Meter -25~70℃
Storage temperature Meter+display screen -40~85℃
Relative humidity 5% - 90%RH, No condensation
Antistatic discharge interference IEC 61000-4-2,Level 4
Anti-fast transient group pulse IEC 61000-4-4,Level 4
Anti-surge IEC 61000-4-5,Level 3
Resistance to power frequency magnetic field IEC 61000-4-8,Level 3
Electrical insulation performance
Insulation resistance GB/T13729,>50MΩ
Power frequency withstand Voltage GB/T13729,AC 3KV 50Hz /1min
Impulse voltage GB/T13729,5KV,1.2/50us
PMC96S selection guide
Model specification::PMC96S-①-②-③-④-⑤
① Model code:
1 57.7/100V Rated measurement voltage,5A Rated measurement current。
2 57.7/100V Rated measurement voltage,1A Rated measurement current。
3 220/380V Rated measurement voltage,5A Rated measurement current。
4 220/380V Rated measurement voltage,1A Rated measurement current。
② Model code:
1 Power supply:85~264 VAC/45-65Hz,100~300 VDC 。
③ Model code:
0 Without DI
2 2 Channels DI
④ Model code:
0 Without relay output
1 Optional 1 channel relay output(RL1+、RL1- port)
2 Optional 2 channels relay output
⑤ Model code:
ab ab is a 2 integer,a means AI01 port optional for AI/AO modules, b means AI02portoptional for AI/AO
0 –none
1 - 0-5V DC analog input measure(AI)
2 - 4-20mA DC analog input measure(AI)
3 - 4-20mA DC analog output(AO)
For example:ab = 00,meansnot equipped with AI/AOmodule
ab = 21,Means AI01 port is equipped with 0-5V DC analog input measureAI/AOmodule, AI02 port is equipped with 4-20mA DC analog input measureAI/AOmodule
* Note: PORTS S1, S2 and A1 are multiplexed. If DI is configured, PORT A1 cannot be configured with AI or AO. If port A1 is configured with AI/AO, DI cannot be configured.
For example: Order model: PMC96S-3-1-2-2-20
Means PMC96S rated measure 220/380V、5A;working power supply as 85~264 VAC/45-65Hz;Optional with 4channels binary input(DI); 2 channels relay output;1 channel 4-20mA DC analog input measure(AI02 port)