KF85P Universal Relay Test Set

Item No.: 203034
The world's lightest & high power universal relay test set
●  6x35A@425VA max & 6x310V@105VA max analog outputs
●  10kg weight, easy carry on flight journey
●  Low-level signals output, energy meter testing, transducer calibration and IEC61850 testing capability for optional.
Description Specifications Advance
Basic Functions
The KF85P is a multipurpose, light-weight, field portable test set, it capable of testing a wide variety of electro-mechanical, solid state and microprocessor based protective relays, motor overload relays, IEC61850 testing, and similar protective devices.
  12 Analog Channels outputs, 6x35A & 6x310V, Each output channels are independent and simultaneous control of magnitude, Phase angle and frequency values, able to inject DC, AC sine wave and up to 60x harmonics.
  Lightweight, <10Kg, easy carry on flight journey
  Variable battery simulator, 24~350Vdc, 70Watts max output. Easily supply power for most protection devices.
  Fully function KRT software for test management, graphical test modules, template organized, Xrio/Rio import/export, testing result review, auto result assessment and report generate, etc.
  Transient play back up to 3KHz
  8x100/1000Mbit Fiber port for IEC61850 SMV and GOOSE simulations
  Inbuilt GPS and IRIG-B synchronized end-to-end testing capability
  10 binary input, dry contacts or 0-300V potential contacts capability; 4 fast binary outputs isolated each and with <1ms response time.
  Anti-clipping detect, Wrong wiring connect alarm and self-protect, overload and overheat protection
  AC 85~265 / DC 127-350 power supply, World wide range power supply compatibility
  3-Year free warranty and life-long maintenance
  Free software upgrade
Advance Feature
  Complied IEC61850 edition 1.0 & 2.0 standard
  Transducer calibration
  Energy meter calibration (Mechanical & Electronic meters)
  10 Low-level analog outputs (8 Voltages + 2 Currents) up to 8V/20mA max.

Graphical software interface:

AC current source
Amplitude & Power 35A @ 424VA max each;
70A @ 670VA max each;
Accuracy <0.015%Rd+0.005%Rg Typ.
<0.04%Rd+0.01%Rg Guar.
Range Range I: 3A
Range II: 35A
Automatic Range
DC Offset <3mA Typ./ <10mA Guar
Resolution 1mA
Distortion <0.025%Typ. / <0.07% Guar.
Ascends/Descent response <100us
DC Current source
Amplitude & Power 3×20A @ 400W max
Accuracy ±5mA @ <1A
±0.2% @ ≥1A
Ascends/Descent response <100us
AC voltage source
Amplitude & Power 6×310V @ 105VA max each
Accuracy <0.015%Rd+0.005Rg Typ.
<0.04%Rd+0.01Rg Guar.
Range Range I: 30V
Range II: 310V
Automatic Range
DC Offset <10mV Typ./ <60mV Guar
Resolution 1mV
Distortion <0.015%Typ. / <0.05% Guar.
Ascends/Descent response <100us
DC Voltage source
Amplitude & Power 6×350V @ 100W max
3×700V @ 150W max
Accuracy ±10mV @ <5V
±0.2% @ ≥5V
Ascends/Descent response <100us
Frequency & Phase Angle
Frequency Range DC ~ 1000Hz, 3000Hz transient
Frequency Accuracy ±0.5ppm
Frequency Resolution 0.001Hz
Phase Range -360°~360°
Phase Accuracy <0.02° Typ. / <0.1° Guar. 50/60Hz
Phase Resolution 0.001°
Auxiliary DC Supply (Battery Simulator)
Range 8 ~ 60Vdc (Max Load Current 1.16A)  Accuracy<2%
60 ~ 120Vdc (Max Load Current 0.58A)  Accuracy<1%
 ~ 350Vdc (Max Load Current 0.2A)  Accuracy<0.5%
Power >69W max
Resolution 10mV
Protection Short-circuit protection
Overload Protection Yes
Isolation Isolated from other terminal
Binary input
Electrical isolation 10 pairs of electrical isolated each
Input impedance 5 kΩ…13kΩEmpty contact
Input feature 0 V300Vdc Or dry contact
(Binary 1~4 inputs turn over potential can be programmable)
Sampling Rate 10kHz
Time resolution 10us
Time measurement range infinity
Time accuracy ±1ms @ <1s      
±0.1% @ 1s
Debounce time 0~25ms (Software controlled)
Binary Output
Quantity 4 pairs
Type Fast speed transistor, programmable software control
AC break capacity Vmax250VAC/ Imax0.5A
DC break capacity Vmax250VDC/ Imax0.5A
Electrical isolation All pairs isolated
Time Synchronization
Satellite synchronization 1 × SMAUse for GPS antenna interface
Support GPS and Beidou Satellite
Fiber IRIG-B 2 × ST1 for transmission, 1 for receiving
Electric IRIG-B 1 × 6Pin 5.08mm phoenix terminal
1 for transmission, 1 for receiving
External trigger synchronization 1 × 4Pin 5.08mm phoenix terminal
external trigger input + external trigger output
Sync error <10us
Communication interface
Ethernet 2 × RJ45 10/100M
WIFI Inbuilt WIFI DHCP service
Serial port 1 × RS232
USB 2 × USB2
Weight & Size
Size 390mm×256mm×140mm
Weight 10kg
Power supply
Nominal voltage 220V/110V (AC)
Allowable voltage 85 - 265 VAC ;127V350V(DC)
Nominal Frequency 50Hz
Allowable Frequency 47-63Hz
Current 10A max
Power Consumption 1200VA max
Connection Type Standard AC socket 60320
Working environment
Operating temperature -10+55 ℃
Relative humidity 595%Non-condensation
Storage temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃
Atmospheric pressure 80kPa110 kPaaltitude 2000m or lower
(Optional modules)

IEC61850 functions:
Fully complying IEC61850 Sampling value and GOOSE; (IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2/(LE), IEC60044-7/8)
Able to simultaneously output sampling value and analog signals, or subscriber and publish GOOSE message and relay contact binary I/O function.
Up to 36 sampling value channels can be mapped.
Fiber port  (LC type)
Type 100Base-FX (100Mbit,Fiber, full duplex)
Port Number 8 Pairs
Cable model 62.5/125μm(Multiple-mode fiber, orange)
Wave length 1310nm
Transmission distance > 1Km
Status indication SPD Green (lights): active connection
Link\AcT Yellow (blinking): data exchange
10 Low-Level channels signal output function:
Low-level signal output
Output channels 10 channels, 8 Voltage outputs + 2 Current outputs
Output port type Phoenix terminal
Output range 8x0~8Vrms; 2x0~20mA
Accuracy (0.01~0.8 Vrms/0~2mA):<0.05% Typ. / <0.1% Guar.
(0.8~8 Vrms/2~20mA): <0.02% Typ. / <0.05% Guar.
Resolution 250µV
Harmonic(THD%) < 0.05% Typ. / <0.1% Guar.
Frequency range DC1.0kHz, transient 3KHz
Frequency accuracy 0.002%Normal frequency
Frequency resolution 0.001Hz
Phase range 0359.9°
Phase accuracy <0.02°50/60Hz
Phase resolution ±0.00
Transducer Calibration Function:
DC Measurement Input
Voltage Input Range 0~±10V dc
Max Input ±11V dc
Accuracy Accuracy <0.05% rg Typ. <0.02% rg Guar.
Input Impedance 1M ohm
Current Input Range 0~±1mA / 1~±20mA, auto range
Max Input 600mA
Accuracy Accuracy <0.05% rg Typ. <0.02% rg Guar.
Input Impedance 15 ohm
 Energy Meter Calibration Function:
Energy Meter Calibration
Sensor Usage Mechanical meters / Electronic meters
Sensor Output High lever:>4.5V, Low level:<0.2V
Pulse Input 1 pulse input port, 5Vdc high level valid only.
Pulse Range 500KHz pulse input Max.
Pulse Output 1 Transistor output, Open-collector, 5Vdc/5mA