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Announcing Winning the SGCC Bidding

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Update time : 2020-02-27 10:31:45
Announcing Winning the SGCC Bidding

KINGSINE ELECTRIC AUTOMATION Co., Ltd is pleased to announce KINGSINE has been successively won the bidding for INSTRUMENTATION Tender (Ref. No. 0711-190TL10032020/190LT14232020) held by State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) in July and October, 2019.
The bidding includes 105 sets of KF9 series Fiber Digital Relay Test Sets75 sets of K60 series Universal Protection Relay Test Set and 80 sets of K20 series Universal Protection Relay Test Set.
And KINGSINE are very grateful for the continuous product approval by SGCC and for the great job done by all team members of KINGSINE.
KINGSINE is not only a firm that always enjoy good reputation as the professional factory supplier & Intelligent software solution provider for relay test set in China, but also a firm that has been successively served overseas customers with excellent feedback in over 70 countries in her export business.
KINGSINE shall keep working hard for the improvement of product quality and service capability, contributing to more big success and satisfaction for all customers in near future.
Frankly yours,