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Established in 1999, Kingsine Electric Automation Co., Ltd. has focused on researching and developing, producing, and selling Protection Relay Test Sets, CT Analyzers, Reference Power Sources and Calibrators, Voltage and Current Amplifiers, Electricity Monitoring Systems, and Instrumentation.

To date, Kingsine's products have been recognized by customers in more than 80 countries worldwide. We regularly participate in large-scale power and energy exhibitions worldwide, including in the United States of America, Italy, France, Poland, Australia, Dubai, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Egypt, and other countries, and have received widespread acclaim.Our protection relay testing equipment is compatible with world-renowned relay protection devices such as ABB, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, MITSUBISHI, Schneider, AREVA, SEL, GE, and others.

Kingsine Electric has also established a distribution network with partners in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and other countries to provide comprehensive services.
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Innovative "Plug and Play" Makes After-Sales Easy
Sep 06 2023
In the realm of protection relay testing, simplicity, efficiency, and reliability are paramount. Kingsine unveils an advancement with its innovative "Plug and Play" technology featured in the KF86P and KFA300-series testers.
This game-changing technology revolutionizes the testing process, offering unparalleled ease of use, extended product service life, and cost-effective maintenance solutions.
KINGSINE Exhibition Lists
KINGSINE Exhibition Lists
Jan 18 2024
Join us at our 2024 exhibition as we embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and transformation.
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be part of something extraordinary! See you there!
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