Revolutionary Mini Protection Relay Tester-KFA310

Item No.: 203091
High-power, High-precision, Multi-functional

KFA310 has been designed with a compact interior, similar in size to an iPad, Powered by batteries. It weighs only 3.7 kg and offers 4x300V and 3x20A outputs, Its maximum current can reach 50A, the output power reaches 130VA.

It focus to Maintenance and Testing of Distribution and Medium-Low Voltage Protection Devices in Non-Electrified Environments.
Description Specifications Optional

1.    The world's smallest relay tester with 7.0-inch LED touch screen,, easy to carry in a iPad size3.7kg, high current up to 50A, high precision, can continuously output with 3x10A conditions.
2.    Extremely simple design for its internal structure, ensure high quality and reliability.
3.    Innovative “Plug and Play” technology enable after-sales service very easy and efficient within 20 working days.
4.    Main functions
  ▪    AC/DC test, Ramping, State Sequence, Harmonic, Distance, Overcurrent
  ▪    Oscillate Test: used for customizing superimposed oscillation waveform simulation testing.
  ▪    Frequency test (df/dt, ROCOF)
  ▪    3-Phase standard Power source
  ▪    Energy meter calibration
  ▪    Double-device synchronous test (up to 6 current channels for differential test)
  ▪    8 Channels Low-Level outputs (0 - 8Vrms)
5.    High precision output, can be used as a standard source.

Key Points

Innovative“Plug and Play ”After-sales Service Advantages:
  ▪    Simple structure, beginners can achieve independent installation.
  ▪    Reduced after-sales costs.
  ▪    Shortened after-sales time.
  ▪    Goal: Complete after-sales within 20 working days.

The KFA310 handheld mini relay tester, which utilize innovative technology, module design, and a simple internal structure, ensuring a higher level of product quality and providing assurance for a three-year warranty commitment. Besides, it also contributes to achieving the quality objective of a 15-year product service life.For after-sales maintenance, only module replacement is required, and there is no need for accuracy calibration after module replacement. Once assembly is complete, it can be used directly, truly achieving "Plug and Play".

Public disclosure, the internal structure is visualized as shown in the following diagram:
       Installation steps:
AC Voltage Outputs 
 Output Range & Power
 4×300 V ac (L-N)
22.5 VA max each@300V
21 VA max each@200V
12.5 VA max each@100V
7 VA max [email protected]
6.65 VA max [email protected]
1.1 VA max each@10V
Accuracy <0.015%Rd+0.005%Rg Typ.
<0.02%Rd+0.03%Rg Guar.
Resolution 0.001V
DC Offset <5mV Typ.
<60mV Guar
Distortion <0.05%Typ. / <0.1% Guar.
Ascends/Descent response <100us
DC Voltage Outputs
Source Channels 4
DC voltage output range 0~300 V (L-N)
DC voltage output power 22.5W Max
DC voltage accuracy <0.03%Rd+0.01Rg Typ.
<0.04%Rd+0.06Rg Guar.
Ascends/Descent response <100us
Resolution 1mV
AC current outputs
Source Channels 3
AC current output range 0~10A, L-N / (Can be optional as 0~20A)
0~20A, LL-N / (Can be optional as 0~40A)
0~30A, LLL-N / (Can be optional as 0~50A)
AC current output power(Max) 75VA Max for 10A L-N
130VA Max for 20A L-N/LLL-N
AC current output accuracy <0.015%Rd+0.01%Rg Typ.
<0.02%Rd+0.03%Rg Guar.
DC Offset <1mA Typ.
<2mA Guar
Distortion <0.05%Typ. / <0.1% Guar.
Ascends/Descent response <100us
Resolution 1mA
DC current outputs
Source Channels 1
DC current output range 0~10A, L-N
DC current output power 138W
DC current accuracy <0.03%Rd+0.01Rg Typ.
<0.04%Rd+0.06Rg Guar.
Resolution 1mA
AC frequency
range sine signals DC ~ 1000Hz, 3000Hz transient
Output accuracy ±5ppm
Resolution 0.001Hz
Output range -360°~360°
50Hz output accuracy ±0.1° Typ. / <0.2° Guar.
Resolution 0.001°
Auxiliary DC supply
Output range 12~350V
Output power 40W max
Accuracy <1%
Binary input and time accuracy
Binary input logarithm 4 pairs
Trigger mode Dry/Wet contact
Input voltage range 0 V300Vdc
Timing accuracy < ±1ms @ 0.001~1s
< ±0.1% @ >1s
Timing resolution 36us
Max time limit infinity
Binary output(Relay Contacts)
Binary output pairs 2 pairs(DO-1 and DO-2
Type Potential free relay contacts,software controlled
Break capacity AC Vmax380VAC/ Imax8A/Pmax:2000VA
Break capacity DC Vmax240VDC/ Imax5A/Pmax:150W
Responce time ≤10 ms
Binary output(Fast eSSR)
Binary output pairs 2 pairs(DO-3 and DO-4)
Circuit Breaker Simulate Can be define as Open or Close status
Break capacity AC Vmax250VAC/ Imax0.5A
Break capacity DC Vmax250VDC/ Imax0.5A
Responce time <100us
Contact performance Open the dry contact output using opto-coupler relay, the on-resistance is ≤ 6Ω, and the shut-off withstand voltage is ≥DC300V
Time Synchronization (Time accuracy)
GPS / BD Yes, 5us
IRIG-B Yes, 5us
Power supply
Rated power supply 100~240Vac,1-phase
Enable input voltage 85V265V (AC);
Rated input frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Enable input frequency 47 Hz ~ 63Hz
Inbuilt Battery
Nominal volume 28.8V - 93.6Wh, (3250mAh)
Operating Temperature Charge   : 0 to 45°C  (Ambient)
Discharge : -20 to 60°C  (Ambient)
Charge time (0-80%) 2h
Charge time (0-100%) 4h
Interface port
RJ45 Ethernet 1 port, 10/100M
USB USB3.0 x 1
Wifi Optional
Bluetooth Optional
Operation Control
Touch Screen & Host Control Yes, 7.0" LCD
Basic PC software Optional
Advance PC software Optional
Other information
Weight 3.7kg
Dimensions(W x D x H) 288x185x95 (mm)
Item Standard Optional
Current output 10A Upgrade to 3×20A
Wifi None Optional support
Bluetooth None Optional support
Low-Level output None Optional support
Energy Meter calibration None Optional support
Basic PC software None Optional support
Advance PC software None Optional support

Low level outputs(Optional)


Number of outputs 8
Setting range 0~8Vrms
Max. output current Rating 2mA, 10mA transient max.
Accuracy (0.01~0.8 Vrms):
<0.05% Typ. / <0.1% Guar.
(0.8~8 Vrms):
<0.02% Typ. / <0.05% Guar.
Resolution 250 μV
Distortion (THD+N) < 0.05% Typ. / <0.1% Guar.
Connection interface Phoenix terminal

Energy Meter Calibration (Optional)


Sensor Usage Mechanical meters / Electronic meters
Sensor Output High lever:>4.5V, Low level:<0.2V
Pulse Input 1 pulse input port, 5Vdc high level valid only.
Pulse Range 500KHz pulse input Max.
Pulse Output 1 Transistor output, Open-collector, 5Vdc/5mA