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Sep 01.2022
With 7.0-inch LED touch screen, full touch operation, mobile phone operating habits, display translucent processing, non-reflective contrast, clear display for outdoor use. The interior is minimalist design, with three modules fitted together. Integrated
Aug 09.2022
In the middle of July, KINGSINE’s sole agent SUN LTD. In Thailand came to their client’s laboratory to offer technical training on how to use MODEL K3163i to test IEC61850 relays.
Jul 19.2022
After 3 years’ release of KINGSINE brand KF86P, the upgraded, higher power version of KF86P has finally arrived. Imagine a 10kg tester that capable of producing voltage up to 310V, current output up to 35A, now it has become reality. It’s easily the world
Jun 17.2022
It’s a great pleasure to announce that Kingsine Electric Automation Co. Ltd a new technology project won the bidding in this competitive negotiation authorized procurement (authorized project of Jinchang power supply company, Ref. No.: 27BZ03-JC-9003001)
Apr 28.2022
It is necessary to keep relays under aging test for 25 days consecutive to verify whether their working status are steady or not. And we'd like to draw your attention to the fact that KINGSINE brand relay test set model K68i can offer relays factories the
Dec 11.2021
KINGSINE had been made long-term cooperation with State Grid XJ Group Corporation since years ago, and has many large bidding supplies before.
Nov 08.2021
KINGSINE today introduced KFA300 Protection relay test set, the next-level lightweight relay tester.
With new design inside and out, KFA300 is made the size of B5 paper with 7.0-inch touch screen,built-in battery(optional) and only net weight of 3kgs.
Sep 26.2021
On September 14, 2021, KINGSINE Electric Automation company participated in the 2021 Guangdong Power Plant Relay Protection and Automation Professional Technical Supervision conference held in Dongguan Treasure Island Hotel (Guangdong province), which was
Sep 11.2021
KINGSINE brand KFA300 and KF86 Training were organized well in Shenzhen Metro(Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. , founded on July 31, 1998) in this 8th,September, 2021. When received the invitation of Shenzhen Metro, KINGSINE assign our four technical suppor
Aug 17.2021
In the 2021 State grid three provincial power companies’ material tender procurement meeting, KINGSINE with good reputation, rich industry experience, strong technical strength, as well as excellent bidding documents and reasonable quotation, once again w