KS1212 Standard Source Of Distribution Terminal Automatic Testing Platform

KS1212 is high accuracy, high power, wide output range Standard Source product develop by KINGSINE which is customize for distribution terminal automation testing platform;
24 output Channels, 12x450V + 12x100A. Each output channels are independent and simultaneous control of magnitude, Phase angle and frequency values, able to inject DC, AC sine wave and up to 20x harmonics;
High burdens ability, 750VA / each current sources, total power up to 1500VA of all current channels, and 300VA / each voltage sources, total power up to 600VA of all voltage channels.
Description Specifications
Basic Functions
24 output Channels, 12 channels voltage and 12 channels current. All channels magnitude,Frequency,Phase can be adjust separately.
High power, current output power 750VA/phase. Voltage output power 300VA/phase.Total power of current can reach 1500VA, total power of voltage can reach 600VA.
Current output 12×100A/phase,voltage output 12×450V. 
Apply IRIG-B synchronize function. GPS module internal.
19 inch standard chassis design,small dimension. Easy to Centralized panel.
In-built GPS module & IRIG-B synchronize function.
AC Voltage output
Range  12×0...450 V
Power >300VA/Phase
Accuracy <±0.05%
Resolution  1mV
AC Current Output
Range 12×0...100 A
Power >750VA/ Phase
Accuracy <±0.05%
Resolution  1mA
DC Voltage output
Range  12×0...450 V
Power >300VA/ Phase
Accuracy <±0.2%
Resolution  1mV
DC Current output
Range 6×0...50 A
Power >500 VA/ Phase
Accuracy <±0.2%
Resolution  1mA
Frequency Range 5...1000 Hz
Accuracy <0.001 Hz at 0...65 Hz
<0.01 Hz at 65...450 Hz
<0.02 Hz at 450...1200 Hz
Resolution 0.001 Hz
Phase Range -360°...360°
Accuracy <0.2°
Resolution 0.1°
Timing Range 0.1 ms ... 1.5×105 s
Accuracy <1 ms
Harmonic Times 2...20 Times
Power supply
AC Voltage 220V±20%
Range 85V...264V AC
Power 5000 VA
Frequency 47 Hz...65 Hz
Operation Conditions
Temperature -20℃…70℃
Humidity ≤95%,
Weight <55 kg
Dimension 358mm×149mm×297mm
Communication Port 1×RJ45