Three-Phase Network Multifunctional Power Meter IP52 / 0.05Hz PMC180NS

Item No.: 206169
Single / Three Phase AC System
220 voltage
Power Quality Analysis
Description Specification

PMC180NS three-phase network power meter is a multifunctional meter without LCD operation panel. It adopts low power dissipation microprocessor, can measuring complete power parameter, energy measurement, and 31 order voltage / current harmonic analysis. It has the optional Analog output port, can match the demand of transducer function. It has RS-485 communication port and could be easily integrated to any intelligent power distribution system. PMC180N has the practical function, easy use, easy maintenance. It can use to monitor and control of the on-site equipment, supply the measuring & testing support to the power application specialist, supply the data base to the SCADA and Smart Grid, provide scientific basis for intelligent energy management.

Function Features
Function Features PMC180NS
Instantaneous real virtual value  
Current Single phase & neutral line
Voltage Line/line & Phase/Line
Active power Three-phase & single phase
Reactive power Three phase & single phase
Apparent power Three phase & single phase
Power factor Three-phase & single phase
Active energy
Reactive energy
Four-quadrant reactive energy
Power Quality  
Harmonic distortion
Current & voltage
31 order harmonic analysis  
Voltage & current
Phase sequence monitoring,phase angle difference, Load properties
Sequence component, unbalance
Current K factor
Voltage peak factor
RS485 /MODBUS protocol
LED display  
2-channel DI  
2-channel DO  
1 channel AO:4-20Ma
2-channel limits alarm
Support program online upgrade
Technical parameter
Electrical Characteristics
Measurement Type
Three-phase three-wire AC system
Three-phase four-wire AC system
  Sampling rate: 64 times per cycle
Data refresh rate 1S
Measurement Accuracy Current 0.5%
Voltage 0.5%
Power 0.5%
Frequency 0.05Hz
Active Energy 1.0%
Reactive Energy 1.0%
AO 1%
Input voltage characteristics Measuring voltage
Allowed overload
3 X 220/380V(connected directly)
3 X 57.7/100V(connected by CT)
Input impedance 1.2 times / continuous
Measuring voltage 1.8MΩ
Input current characteristic Measuring current 5A or 1A (connected by CT)
Allowed overload 1.2 times / continuous
Input impedance <0.1Ω
4-20mA DC output
 Open circuit voltage 15VDC
Load capacity ≤500Ω
Isolated voltage 2KV
Working power supply AC 85~265 VAC/45-65Hz
DC 100~300 VDC
Power dissipation < 3W
Mechanical properties
Weight 0.5kg
IP protection grade IP52
Size 110 X 75 X 72 mm 
Operating temperature -40~70℃
Storage Temperature -50~85
Relative Humidity 5% - 90%RH, No condensation
Electrostatic discharge interference IEC 61000-4-2, Level 4
Group of anti-fast transient pulse IEC 61000-4-4, Level 4
Anti-impact IEC 61000-4-5, Level 4
Anti-frequency magnetic field IEC 61000-4-8, Level 4
Electrical insulation performance
Insulation resistance GB/T13729, >50MΩ
Frequency withstand voltage GB/T13729, AC 2KV 50Hz /1min
Impulse voltage GB/T13729, 5KV, 1.2/50us