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KINGSINE KFA300 and KF86 Training Were Organized in Shenzhen Metro

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Update time : 2021-09-11 10:31:43

KINGSINE brand KFA300 and KF86 Training were organized well in Shenzhen Metro(Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. , founded on July 31, 1998) in this 8th,September, 2021. When received the invitation of Shenzhen Metro, KINGSINE assign our four technical support engineers Eng.Terry and Eng.Zhang etc to come to onsite providing the  free operation and instruction for their internal electrical workers.
Shenzhen Metro has been keeping good relationships with Kingsine Electric Automation Co.,Ltd for many years relying on the advantage of being close to its headquarters in Shenzhen, they had our previous product of K1066. We mainly instructed them how to do some protective tests and recommend new designed products, and they revealed a great interest in our latest portable model of KFA300 and KF86 Universal Relay Test Set.
KFA300 Handheld Protection Relay Tester is a B5 paper size and built-in battery design with on-site maintenance and testing of non-electric environment, it only has 3kg with its beautiful appearance and its also easy to carry when use on secondary circuit inspect and secondary voltage and current testing. At present, we are also actively promoting this product for overseas market.
Website of Shenzhen Metro&MTR
From: Transport Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
KFA300 Handheld Protection Relay Tester